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1986 102 Credibility & Trust

Set up

  Hundred million registered capital   The brand image



Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd.



       Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd. established in 1986 and registered in Ningbo, is a financial enterprise controlled by PetroChina. In 2009 and 2017, the company made capital increase and investment twice, with a registered capital of 10.2 billion yuan. On February 10, 2017, the Company and PetroChina's other financial enterprises were listed on the A-share market as a whole.Kunlun Trust is the governing unit of China Trust Association, a member of China Association of Banks Market Dealers,


        China Trust Investment Trust Co.Ltd. and China Trust Registration Co., Ltd., a member of the national bond market and a member of the inter-bank lending market, are engaged in equity investment, asset securitization and private equity fund managers qualifications for their own assets. The Company conducted eight types of trust businesses including debt, equity, standard products, interbank business, property, asset securitization, public welfare / charity and business according to law and extensively raised and raised funds to provide financial services to all walks of life in society. which is the best interest of the beneficiaries Dealing with trust affairs.


  Kunlun Trust has a perfect corporate governance structure, has a courage to open up. good at innovation, good investment, strict management of the trust fund manager team, the company insisted "low risk appetite" the concept of risk control, established "ldquo; Three vertical and three horizontal "risk control system, stable style, stable income, excellent assets, outstanding performance, the cumulative issuance of more than 900 trust plans, the cumulative management of assets of nearly 1 trillion yuan.


  Kunlun trust as the credibility of life and established a "letter" as the core of the corporate culture, the company "honest tree. to establish a business, to letter Hing Enterprise" advocate employees to do "Financial Street oil People & rdquo ;, strive to create a domestic first-class asset management platform, wealth management platform and strategic win-win platform, and establish a "credibility of priceless, entrusted proper way" brand image.


  The company has won the "outstanding enterprises in Zhejiang Province" "Top 50 taxpayers in Ningbo" In 2016, the Company won the honorary title of "Best Risk Management Trust Company" in "Gold Medal Award of China's Financial Institutions".





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