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Risk Control


  Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd. always adhere to the general preference of low risk in risk management, uphold compliance and prudent management ideas, and pursue economic benefits with controllable risks. For each business type, determine the appropriate risk tolerance and ensure that the overall risk exposure is within the company's risk tolerance. According to the nature of the risk in different business areas, the type of risk and risk assessment results, the appropriate choice of risk measures.


  In accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations such as the Company Law, the Trust Law, the Administrative Measures on Trust Companies and the Guidance on the Management of Trust Companies, the Company established a standardized risk management operation organization with reference to the industry practice and practice, Clear responsibilities ensure that the company's business projects under the conditions of risk control effectively carried out. At the same time, the Company follows the principle of compliance, comprehensiveness, prudence and timeliness, adheres to the system-based and process-based approach, fully identifies and evaluates all kinds of risks, and extends risk management to all aspects and positions of the Company's operation and management in. According to the risk management decision-making process, the Company implemented corresponding control measures according to the business classification to form a risk management mechanism of "precautionary measures, incident control and ex-post evaluation", and earnestly fulfilled the trustee of "entrusted with and entrusted to finance" Responsibilities, to maximize the protection of the interests of beneficiaries, and achieved good results.

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