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company culture


Kunlun trust enterprise "letter" culture


Corporate Purposes


Devote energy to create harmony

To help the development of China's oil and gas industry as the fundamental, creating a harmonious family, harmonious enterprises, harmonious society.




Entrepreneurial Spirit


Patriotic entrepreneurship dedication

The patriotic feelings embodied in their own posts, the courage to pioneering and innovative trust up;

The entrepreneurial passion embodied in the foundation Kunlun trust, to create first-class enterprises ambitious goals up;

The realistic attitude to professional excellence, service meticulous professional ethics up;

The spirit of dedication to serve the needs of society, improving the quality of life of the corporate business up.


Business Philosophy


Integrity, innovation, performance, safety and harmony

Integrity: Li Cheng trustworthy, true and false.

Innovation: Keep Pace with the Times and Make Innovation.

Performance: to give top-notch, create excellence.

Harmony: unity and cooperation, to create a harmonious.

Safety: Compliance with laws and regulations to control risks.




Management Concept


To honest people to establish a business letter to Hing enterprises

To honest tree people: carry forward the spirit of iron man, educate employees to be honest people, to be honest, to do honest things;

Real Founding: To promote the spirit of Daqing, emphasize in the management of enterprises strict organization, strict discipline, strict standards and serious attitude;

To Hing Hing rate: adhere to the spirit of the contract, perform their duties, integrity compliance, compliance management, according to the law to protect and protect the interests of financial consumers, establish a corporate brand image.


Wind Control Concept


Low risk preference

With a pragmatic attitude, a solid style, prudent style, to provide customers with quality wealth management services and rights and interests protection.


Talent Concept


Give you a stage, show your style!

Have the ability to have jobs, have the ability to have the stage. Big things do major events, small things to do small things, no ability to learn skills.


Team Concept


Happy working, healthy living, oil people who do financial Street!

Adhere to the people-oriented, the implementation of humane care, enjoy the joy of work, create a perfect life, and establish a new image of oil people in the Financial Street.




Business Character


Integrity and win-win share of win-win social services for the benefit of people's livelihood

Adhere to the trust philosophy of "being entrusted by the people and managing money on behalf of the people" and extensively carry out cooperation in various fields to promote local economic development and improve people's livelihood.


Strategic Vision


Asset Management Platform Wealth Management Platform Strategic win-win platform


Corporate Image


Priceless trust worthy of trust


Corporate Culture Building Goals


(1) to create three "one" type of business

A talented school, a tenacious army, a harmonious and warm family.

(2) Construction of "six types" pioneer team

Integrity, unity, service, professional, learning, innovative

Integrity: Li Cheng trustworthy, abide by the contract.

United type: mutual assistance and cooperation, harmony and fraternity.

Service: etiquette norms, thoughtful and meticulous.

Professional: proficient in business, skilled process.

Learning type: learned thinking, mastery.

Innovative: the courage to explore, innovation.

(3) fight as "character" model party members and cadres

Loyal, true, good, cheap, thinking, learning, tough, diligent

Loyal: Loyal to the family, loyal to the enterprise, loyal to the motherland.

Really: dare to speak the truth, willing to do practical work, learn to be real.

Good: treat their families, treat colleagues, treat the community.

Lian: honesty and self-discipline, understand things, innocence.

Thinking: diligent thinking, good at summing up, brave to innovate.

Learning: learning business, learning culture, learning to be human.

Tenacity: look for the target, persevere, unswervingly.

Qin: In-depth investigation, practical hard work, shamelessly asked.

(4) Strive to be "eight demeanor" model

Language beauty, the character side, good tolerance, product Houde, due diligence, success, devotion, love life

Language beauty: modest attitude, language civilization.

Conduct end: noble character, work fair.

Good Inclusive: Heiner rivers, collaboration and common prosperity.

A plot of virtue: to help others, plot good deeds.

Due diligence: fulfill their duties, dedication and dedication.

Achievements: pioneering and innovative, top-notch.

Talk about dedication: feel grateful, anti-feeding newspaper.

Love life: a multi-skill, rich life.



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