Kunlun Trust 2017 "Financial knowledge into the million" publicity service month officially launched

Company News
2017/09/06 11:44

In order to further implement the regulatory requirements, we must step up publicity and education on public financial knowledge so as to raise public awareness of preventing risks and using financial services correctly. Recently, Kunlun Trust issued the monthly activity of "Monthly Financial Activities for Financial Institutions" in Kunming Trust Co., Ltd. in accordance with the Circular of Ningbo Banking Regulatory Bureau on Carrying Out Monthly Activities of Publicity Services for Financial Knowledge into Wanjia in 2017 and Kunlun Trust Co., Requirements, will be organized in September 2017 to carry out multi-directional coverage, a variety of "financial knowledge into the million" publicity service month activities.

According to the requirements of the regulatory authorities and the overall plan, the Company's Consumer Protection Functional Department (CFETS) will formulate plans for the implementation of specific activities and unify promotional materials according to the actual situation of the Company. The planning and deployment of this activity will be unified and all branches will be actively carried out Various promotional activities to ensure that all work is done.

The promotional activities will closely focus on the propaganda theme of "Proper use of financial services and safeguarding own rights and interests according to law" in this promotion service month, and "Preaching the Trust, Preaching the Fundamental Rights of Financial Consumers, Protecting Their Rights and Interests by Using 'Double Record' and Maintaining Personal Information Security From illegal financial activities, "the focus of publicity, and fully tap the depth and intensity of its own promotional platform, and actively carry out information through the physical outlets and information platform carriers, multi-faceted to enhance the frequency of consumer financial education and infiltration.

This event will take a variety of channels to promote a wide range of publicity efforts to enhance the fun, interactive, audience and influence, the use of this opportunity to fully close contact with customers, to further understand the trust of customers new Demand, and then improve service quality, enhance consumer confidence, and fully fulfill the social responsibility of the financial industry. (Correspondent: Li Shi Hui)

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