Company held a "history of people from the road" seminar

Company News
2017/07/05 11:46


On the afternoon of June 19, the company invited Yue Qingping, a professor and a doctoral tutor at the Department of History of Peking University, to give a lecture on "Using Human Resources from a Historical Perspective." Mid-level management personnel and some employees attended the lecture.

From a historical point of view, Professor Yue Qingping introduced four types of employment system and four types of employment patterns that China's history has successively experienced, and summed up six employment concepts. Then I shared with you six classic cases of history, each case has a strong representative, thought-provoking. Finally, Professor Yue Qingping profoundly summarized the lessons, warnings and experiences of employing people in history and encouraged everyone to enhance their skills in learning and practice.

Professor Yue Qingping lecture Bogut cited, vivid and witty, in the course of the lecture also shared with you his personal experience and understanding, to everyone took a profound employment, life class. (Correspondent: Bai Jun)

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