Ningbo Banking Bureau stationed in the company to carry out on-site inspection

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2017/05/18 11:47

On May 16, Yan Bin, deputy director of Ningbo Banking Bureau, led the inspection team stationed in the company to carry out the "three violations", "three arbitrage" and "four improper" special on-site inspections and "market chaos" conduct inspections and held the scene Check into the point of the forum.

On behalf of the company, Chairman Xiao Hua welcomed Mr. Yan and the inspection team stationed in the company to carry out on-site inspection. He said that the party committees and the leadership of the company attach great importance to this work. He demanded that the company must, according to the four requirements put forward by Commissioner Yan, carry out all-out cooperation. He hoped that with this inspection, the basic work of the company and management in all aspects will be able to move to a new height. He wished the inspection team a smooth and healthy work during the inspection. On behalf of the company, Vice President Zhu Jiaping reported to Yan Bin and his delegation on the details of the self-inspection of "three violations", "three arbitrage", "four improper" and "market chaos" conducted by the Company.

After listening to the company's report, Yan Bin, deputy director said Kunlun trust board of directors and senior management attach great importance to this work, revealed from the problem, this self-examination both in-depth and meticulous, self-inspection work overall in place. He put forward four requirements for the on-the-spot inspection work: First, the organization should attach great importance to this inspection and provide the necessary inspection conditions and working conveniences, in particular, to ensure the availability of information; and secondly, The problems discovered should be rectified while self-examination, which is an important factor to consider follow-up inspection measures; third is the site inspection period, the company can be submitted in the form of weekly self-examination found problems; Fourth, institutions should respect the scene of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Check the relevant regulations and systems.

The company always help the above leaders and department managers in Beijing and Ningbo to attend the meeting. (Correspondent: Chen Qi)


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