The Company signed a strategic investment agreement with Shanghai Press Interface Project

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2016/07/03 11:48

 On the afternoon of July 2, the Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement and an interface B-round strategic investor agreement with Shanghai New Media Project Interface (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the interface) of Shanghai Press Group. Wang Liang, Chairman of the Board of the Company and Wu Yan, President of the Party Committee; Wu Qiu, party secretary and president of Shanghai Press Group, reported to Zhang Xi, president of Group New Media Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Warwick Interface Executive President Warwick attended the signing ceremony.

Shanghai Press Group by the Jiefang Daily Newspaper Group and Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group integrated reorganization, with the Liberation Daily, Wen Wei Po, Xinmin Evening News, Joint Publishing, surging, interface, dozens of media. The interface was launched in September 2014. With original commercial coverage as the core, a total of 26 content channels were distributed to provide a full range of premium news and information and to become the No. 1 brand in China's business news in a very short period of time. The interface focuses on one-stop information, investment, shopping, hiring and social services for mid to high-end users in the city. In addition to boutique news business, the interface also owns a number of innovative and independent businesses, such as Moore Financial, Stunners, predecessors, and JMedia, a financial and media business alliance. The introduction of the interface of the B round of strategic investors, led by the Kunlun Trust and a cast with the vote, the joint financing of the completion of the interface total more than 300 million yuan.

Wang Liang, chairman and party secretary of the company, said in her speech: "The Shanghai press has done a great deal of practice and strategic layout in the new media with outstanding achievements. This is an important factor in our choice of the newspaper industry in Shanghai. Both parties will form a comprehensive and comprehensive The development of the interface is a brand new model of "state-owned holding + team motivation + multiple shareholders + multiple rounds of incubation" and a new platform for entry-level + content + incubation + culture in the field of new media, We are full of confidence in the development of the interface. "

Qiu Xin, party secretary and president of Shanghai Press Group, pointed out that "the dream of the interface is the first brand in China Business News and the Internet portal for serving high-end and middle-class people in the city. The newspaper group is willing to stand in the same line with the interface team and shareholders Starting line, and then set off. "(Correspondent: Du Jianjun)










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