The Company held a seminar on Judicial Identification and Prevention of Duty Crimes

Company News
2016/06/21 11:49

On the afternoon of June 20, the company invited Professor Liang Jue, a professor at the National Judges College and a doctor of law, and a director of the Criminal Procedure Law Research Association of China Law Society to give a lecture entitled "Judicial Identification and Prevention Mechanism of Official Crimes". Above the middle-level management personnel and departmental case prevention liaison officers attended the lecture.

Professor Liang Xin introduced the concept and types of job-related crimes, made an in-depth analysis of the constitutional requirements and features of job-related crimes, and explained in detail various forms of dereliction of duty infringement and bribery crimes. Professor Liang Xin combined with the typical cases and the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on job-related crimes, introduced ten new types of bribery crimes, and elaborated the starting point and the sentencing standards of job-related crimes.

Professor Liang Xin's speech is vivid, rich in content and clear in organization so that all of you have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the judicial identification and prevention mechanism of job-related crimes, which has a very positive guiding significance for the Company to do a good job in case prevention. (Correspondent: Wei Ronghua)

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