The company organized voluntary tree planting activities

Company News
2016/04/12 11:50

On the morning of April 8, more than 20 young employees of the company came to Yongding River Forest Park to carry out volunteer tree planting activities.

Planting the scene, we all work together, some struggling to fill the shovel, and some bend the tree with both hands, a tree planted in the flowers in bloom, green Yongding River up the wind. The total planting of more than 20 ash seedlings. The young employees participating in the tree planting said that spring is the best season for tree planting. Afforestation not only helps to beautify the environment, but also exercises the body, enhance the care for the environment, and cherish the awareness of nature.

In recent years, the company has continuously forged the company's corporate character of "serving the community for the benefit of the people and benefiting the people's livelihood", actively participated in various social welfare activities, strengthened the sense of social responsibility of employees and established a good image of "oil man in Financial Street". (Correspondent: Liu Dike)

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