The leadership of the company held "three strict and realistic" thematic democratic life

Company News
2016/01/15 11:58

On January 13, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the special education on "Three Strictnesses and Three Truths" of the group companies, CNPC Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd. respectively held the special livelihood meetings entitled "Three Strictnesses and Three Truths". The members of the leading group thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, closely followed the requirements of "three strictures and the truth", conscientiously carried out criticism and self-criticism, further strengthened their ideals and beliefs and strengthened the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the leading bodies. Deputy Chief Economist of the Group Company, Li Zhengguang, executive deputy secretary of the Party Committee directly under the supervision of the company. Wang Liang, chairman of the board of directors and secretary of the party committee, presided over the meeting. Members of the leading group of the company attended the meeting. The assistant to the president of the company and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.

In order to prepare for the opening of a special democratic life meeting, the CPC Committee of the Company attached great importance to the full implementation of the group company's deployment and was closely linked to the theme of "Three Strictness and Three Realizations," elaborated centralized study seminars and solicited opinions and suggestions, conducted in-depth talks and conscientiously complied checks material.

At the meeting, Wang Liang, on behalf of the company leadership team as a control inspection report, took the lead in conducting a personal check-up examination, and other team members spoke in turn as a reference check and conducted mutual criticism and assistance. Members focus on the party loyalty, clean and dare to assume responsibility, highlight the political discipline and political rules, from the work, ideological, party nature check the problem, analyze the root causes and make measures. In line with the spirit of being responsible for the organization, comrades and careers, members of the team conduct their criticisms in a straightforward manner, point out specific problems and make suggestions for improvement. Through the criticism and self-criticism, everyone reminded each other and awakened each other and helped each other create a good atmosphere of interaction and exchange and truly reached the goal of "unity - criticism - solidarity."

Li Zhengguang fully affirmed the contents and effects of the special democratic life conference and held that the meeting was fully prepared and informative. The self-criticism went straight to the topic and penetrated with sharp speeches. The members of the team criticized each other openly and the leadership team further unified their thinking through the convening of the conference, Unity. (Correspondent: Wei Ronghua)


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