The company held a special meeting on anti-money laundering liaison

Company News
2016/01/05 11:57

On December 29, the Company held a special meeting of all departments on anti-money laundering liaisons.

The meeting profoundly studied and comprehended the opinions on the supervision of anti-money laundering and laid down the work for rectification and improvement in the next step. He also conveyed the spirit of the circular on anti-money laundering work of Ningbo's financial institutions, analyzed regulatory requirements and clarified operational requirements, concentrated on studying and discussing related anti-money laundering regimes, The performance evaluation of the anti-money laundering work of the company will be based on the "Money Laundering Self-assessment Rules" as the detailed standard.

At the same time, the meeting also held active discussions on the further improvement of the anti-money laundering management system, implementation of the anti-money laundering management system requirements and improvement of the system's anti-money laundering functions and put forward many constructive suggestions.

Finally, the meeting arranged the annual report on anti-money laundering to ensure the successful completion of the 2015 annual anti-money laundering report. (Correspondent: He Fenfang)

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