The Company Held the Training Seminar on "2016 Business Innovation Mode and Latest Transformation Direction of the Trust Industr

Company News
2016/01/05 11:58

On the afternoon of December 24, the Company held a training seminar titled "2016 Business Innovation Mode and Latest Transformation Direction of the Trust Industry". The speaker was Dr. Xiaoxiong Xiong, a special expert at Shinsegae Business School.

Dr. Xia combined a great deal of financial knowledge and specific cases with a view to 2016 economic development situation and trust business transformation, capital market trust business innovation, real estate trust business innovation, infrastructure construction business innovation and other fields of business innovation Explain. Through training, we have more ideas for business innovation and achieved good training results.

The training on attendance and assessment of passing rate statistics, attendance top ten departments are: the trust business six, seven, eight, asset management department, risk management department, legal compliance department, audit department , Development and Research Department, Human Resources Department and the Working Party of the Communist Party. (Correspondent: Charolais Zongqi)

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