The company held a seminar entitled "Current Economic Situation and Policy"

Company News
2015/05/12 13:36

On the afternoon of May 11, the company held a seminar on "Current Economic Situation and Policy". Lecture by the State Council Development Research Center member of the party group, director of the Office of Macroeconomic Research Minister, researcher Yu Bin lectures. Leading cadres above the middle level and some employees attended the lecture.

Prof. Yu started with the government work report and gave a vivid explanation to China's macroeconomic policies in simple terms. Different economic policies reflected the changes in market supply and demand. Enterprises can maintain a healthy development only by combining economic policies, market conditions and their own conditions, Steady operation.

Through this lecture, everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of macroeconomic policies and will play an active role in promoting the transformation and innovation of the Company under the new normal of the macroeconomic environment. (Correspondent: Liu Dike)

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