The company held a "seminar with Mao Zedong management" seminar

Company News
2015/03/10 02:12

On March 9, the company held a lecture entitled "Management with Mao Zedong". The keynote speaker was Jiang Ying, researcher of the Theory of War and Strategic Research Department of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences. Middle-level cadres and some employees attended the training. Professor Jiang explained the basic system of Mao Zedong's leadership art and the basic principles of business management. Jiang's humorous teaching language explained the profound theories in simple language and closely integrated with the reality so that the students reflected enthusiastically and the topic was very lively.

Through this training, everyone has a more profound understanding of Mao Zedong Thought, which has realistic guiding significance for improving enterprise management and will play a good role in promoting the inherent quality of cadres. (Correspondent: Guan Ping)


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