The Company organized trial training on innovation strategy evaluation and practical operation of trust business

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2015/03/03 02:14

On the afternoon of March 2, the Company held a training seminar on "2015 Trustee Judgment and Practical Proposals on Innovative Strategies in the Trust Business", with speaker Mr. Yang Yang, a special expert of Shinsegae Golden Business School.

This training, combined with a large amount of trust knowledge and specific cases, reviews the trust industry in 2014 from land transfer trusts and consumer trusts. Starting with the promotion of public-private partnerships (PPPs), transformation of debt business and equity investment business, The 2015 trust industry outlook.

Through this training, everyone has more ideas on the innovation of trust business, has further understanding of the direction of the development of the trust industry, and has achieved good training results. (Correspondent: Charolais Zongqi)



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