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2015/01/22 17:11

The morning of January 21, the company held a 2015 working conference. The party and government leaders and all employees of the company attended the meeting in Beijing and Ningbo. Wang Liang, chairman and party secretary, presided at the meeting and made an important speech. Wu Yan, president of the company, made a report on his work, summarized the work in 2014, clarified the work train of thought and deployed the tasks for 2015.

Wu Yan, president of the company, delivered a work report entitled "Grasping new opportunities, adapting to the new normal, planning new ideas and opening up a new situation" to the General Assembly. The report pointed out that in 2014, the Company conscientiously implemented the arrangements for the beginning of the year's work conference, changed its thinking, changed its mode of operation, maintained sound operation and steady development, properly deal with all kinds of challenges, promoted various work in an orderly manner, steadily improved operating performance and more pragmatic work style Significantly improved strength. The Company adhered to steady operation and scientific development, and achieved new improvement in corporate efficiency. The Company standardized the mechanism to strictly control risks and made new progress in combining industry with finance. Innovative products, restructuring and business transformation took new strides. The Company also tapped the market to enhance its service and marketing performance We will continue to improve and continually improve our risk management to a new level. We will strengthen our foundations and methods of innovation and achieve new leaps in our internal management. We will change our style of work and serve the overall interests of the party with a new atmosphere in our work.

Based on an analysis of the current situation and tasks faced by the report, the report states that the Company must adhere to the direction of development characterized by specialization, specialization and marketization, adheres to the development path of a trust company with PetroChina's characteristics, and organically combines the main business and market-oriented operation. Grasp new opportunities, adapt to the new normal, plan new ideas and create new situations.

The report pointed out that 2015 should focus on doing the following: First, seize the opportunities for development, innovative combination of industry and finance; second is to adhere to market-oriented and accelerate the business transformation and upgrading; third is to improve the risk control system to meet the needs of business development; Fourth Strengthen the sense of service and raise the overall marketing level; Fifth, adjust and improve the mechanism to improve the efficiency of the company; Sixth, lay a solid foundation to improve the level of management services; seven is to play the role of party building, polymerization company development momentum.

The meeting commended the company 2014 advanced collectives and advanced individuals; signed a letter of responsibility for building a clean government and a 2015 performance contract.

The personnel of the Group Company carried out democratic evaluation on the leadership of the company.

Wang Liang, chairman of the board of directors and secretary of the party committee, pointed out in his speech that the company should conscientiously implement the spirit of the conference. First, to unify its thinking and strengthen its confidence. It is necessary to unify our thinking with the overall development of the Company and unify it with the requirements of the group companies in respect of the financial business. We must strengthen our confidence, boost our efforts and overcome the difficulties in our progress. The second is to seize the opportunity and create greater glories. The importance and support of the group companies and the healthy development of the trust industry have provided the company with a rare opportunity for development and provide tremendous room for development. We must seize the opportunity and break down the annual task targets, analyze and supervise the completion of the situation on a regular basis, Beautiful turnaround. Third, unity and harmony, solidarity. Unity is strength and competitiveness. The company should consciously safeguard the unity and provide positive energy. Leaders at all levels should strengthen communication with their employees, strengthen exchanges, mutual respect, mutual support and common improvement. The board of directors and the management team should create a positive and comfortable working environment and provide a platform for employees to grow with fair competition.

The meeting called for all employees in the company under the correct leadership, solidarity, forge ahead, carry forward the "oil Street Financial Street" spirit, hard, innovation, and strive to create a new situation in the company's future development! (Correspondent: Du Jianjun)



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