The company organized a new system of trust interpretation and prospect training

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2015/02/09 17:21

On the afternoon of February 6, the Company held a training seminar on "Reading and Prospecting the New System of China's Trust Industry". The speakers were Mr. Li Xianming and Mr. Liang Guangyong from Beijing Jintiancheng Law Office.

This training combined with a large amount of legal knowledge and specific cases, firstly introduced the basic situation, main features and management mode of China's trust protection fund. Then it introduced the general situation of China's trust registration system and the drafting ideas of the trust registration management method Explain.

Through this training, everyone has some understanding of the reform of China's trust system, has further understanding of the direction of the development of the trust industry, and has achieved good training results. (Correspondent: Charolais Zongqi)



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