Company employees directly affiliated to the Youth League Youth League sixth English speech contest

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2014/08/13 17:22

On the afternoon of August 12, staff Xing Xin and Zhang Miao attended the 6th Young English Speech Contest with the theme of "Youth Mission and Oil Dream" organized by the Communist Youth League directly under the company. The two employees talked and played well in the competition, interpreting the "Chinese Dream" and "Iron Man Spirit" in their own words, and the speech was sincere and colorful, fully demonstrating the thriving "oil man in Financial Street" Spiritual style.

Through organizing and participating in the speech contest in English, the Company created a culture of young people advocating learning and studying hard, and cultivated a compound young talent in order to realize the company's effective, quality and sustainable development. (Correspondent: Liu Dike)



Company workers Sing Star participation in English speech contest



Staff Zhang Miao participate in English speech contest

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