The company held a "non-financial personnel financial management" seminar

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2014/06/10 17:26

On the afternoon of June 9, the Company held a special lecture on "Financial Management of Non-financial Personnel". The lecturer was Lv Li, associate professor of Beijing Institute of Petroleum Administration. Middle-level cadres and some employees attended the training.

Professor Lu started to talk about the company's financial activities and financial management. Through the explanations of financial management objectives, financial management environment and financial management system, Professor Lu made everyone understand the major topics of financial management. By analyzing the example of the financial management system and operating mechanism of CNPC , So that everyone systematically understand the financial management; from the assets and funding, EVA, a key role in value management EVA analysis of two common problems in financial management.

Through this training, everyone has a more systematic understanding of the financial management of the enterprise. In particular, he learned more about the EVA of economic value added, helped to raise the awareness of financial management, and played a guiding role in the actual work in the future. (Correspondent: Guan Ping)



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