Company held "China's financial system reform" seminar

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2014/05/13 17:29

On the afternoon of May 12, the company held a special lecture on "China's Financial System Reform." The speaker was Wang Guogang, director of the Institute of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Middle-level cadres and some employees attended the training.

Mr. Wang elaborates from two aspects of theoretical logic and practical logic that the financial system is born into the real economy. From the history of China's financial development, the characteristics of the implanted financial system and its positive significance, it summarizes the implanted financial system in China. Detailed data analysis of the risk of the implanted financial system; by the financial return to the real meaning of the real economy, the existence of two paths and the process of regression tells the financial return to the real economy; stressed that the current should be based on corporate bonds as the starting point , Push forward the financial return to the real economy and start the project of reengineering the Chinese financial system.

Through this training, everyone has gained a certain understanding of China's financial system reform and further understanding of the direction of the reform of the financial system, which will play a certain guiding role in the future development of the Company. (Correspondent: Guan Ping)



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Speaker Wang Guogang, director of Institute of Finance, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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