The Communist Youth League of the company convened the general election and the May Fourth Youth Symposium

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2014/05/05 17:31

On the afternoon of May 4, the Communist Youth League of the Company organized and held a general election and 54 May Youth Forum to celebrate the 95th "May Fourth Youth Day." Beijing, Ningbo, a total of 37 members of youth members to attend the meeting.

The meeting first conveyed the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Youth League, informed the company's trust business eight Liu Shuo-won the company directly under the authority of youth positions and the company's "commendation on 2013 young position", reported the company in 2013 Youth League performance , Arranged for the deployment of 2014 tasks, and elected a new session of the Communist Youth League members. The symposium was conducted in a relaxed, harmonious and joyous atmosphere. Youth from the participating members made speeches on such topics as "Youth", "Struggle", "Daqing Spirit" and "Three Strictnesses and Four Strictnesses." Discussions were held to offer advice and suggestions to the construction of the Communist Youth League of the Company .




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