The company held GE executive seminars

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2014/04/15 17:33

On the afternoon of April 14, the company held a seminar on GE Execution. The lecturer was Zhang Yibin, an associate professor and director of the Department of Integrated Management of Beijing Petroleum Management Institute and a part-time mentor in the field of project management of School of Economics and Management of Beijing Institute of Technology. Middle-level cadres and some employees attended the training.

Professor Zhang elaborates the general situation, executive philosophy, operation mechanism, execution method and execution cycle of GE Company. At the same time, Professor Zhang combines GE's values, strategic planning, financial management, human resources management and other aspects in all aspects and from multiple perspectives The paper analyzes the executive power of GE Company and further summarizes the key points of GE company to set up the system's execution framework, form the enforceable strategic goal, pay attention to the training of staff's executive ability, and shape the corporate culture with execution ability as the core.

Through this training, we have a certain understanding of the executive power of GE, broaden the thinking for the company to strengthen management, the company to further improve the management level has a greater enlightenment. (Correspondent: Guan Ping)



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