The company held macro lectures at home and abroad on the general trend of the economy

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2014/04/01 17:34

On the afternoon of March 31, the Company held seminars on the general trend of domestic and foreign macroeconomic situations. The lecturer was Director of World Economic Institute of China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, doctoral tutor, expert of National Energy Advisory Committee and Chen Fengying, special economic analyst of Xinhua News Agency. professor. Middle-level cadres and some employees attended the training.

Professor Chen analyzed the domestic and international macroeconomic situations from five aspects and carried out on-site interaction. From the loose monetary cycle, the post-QE era, the risk of "being" crisis in emerging economies and emerging markets, the economy of developed countries Recovery, the international economic and trade competition rules and other aspects of the analysis of the characteristics of the uncertainty of the global economic phase, elaborated on the domestic economic development into a medium-speed growth period and the economic development is facing serious challenges such as economic development imbalances, the gap between rich and poor, corporate overcapacity , Corporate debt ratio, turning point in real estate and financial risks, and deepening the reform of the resistance and other hot issues.

Through this training, everyone is generally greatly benefited. In particular, we have gained a deeper understanding of the macroeconomic situations both at home and abroad, further improving the quality of leading cadres and managing complicated situations (Correspondent: Yan Haimei).



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