Deputy Director Zhang Yajuan of Banking Bureau of Ningbo and his entourage went to the company for investigation

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2014/02/25 02:16

February 24, Zhang Yajuan, deputy director of Ningbo Banking Bureau and his entourage to the company research. The members of the leading group and the deputy managers of the department and above attended the research report in Beijing and Ningbo.

Wang Liang, the president of the company, reported on the implementation and implementation of the plan formulated by the company for the on-the-spot inspection of Ningbo CBRC in 2013. The two sides communicated the relevant rectification details. Deputy Director Zhang Yajuan fully affirmed the company's overall risk management and informed the CBRC and the Ningbo Banking Regulatory Bureau of the regulatory requirements in 2014. Focusing on the regulatory priorities of Kunlun Trust, she stressed: First, we must strengthen policy guidance and continue to promote the scientific development of the Company; second, we must firmly establish the "bottom-line thinking" to prevent systemic regional risks; and third, we must promote transformation innovation and enhancement of development Fourthly, it is necessary to strengthen the regulatory capacity building and further enhance the effectiveness of supervision. (Correspondent: Du Jianjun)



Beijing venue



Ningbo venue

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