The Company Holds Summary Meeting of the Party's Mass Line Education Practice

Company News
2014/01/27 17:13

On January 24, the Company organized middle-level and above-level leading cadres and employee representatives in video form to attend the summary meeting of the mass line education practice activities of the party of the Corporation and held a summary meeting of the party's practice of mass line education in the afternoon on the same day. Wang Liang, the president and deputy party secretary of the company and leader of the leading group in education practice, presided over and made a summary report. Wei Xinku and Li Xiujuan, the group supervisors of the group, attended the meeting.

President Wang Liang conducted his educational activities in terms of organizational preparation, education and learning, soliciting opinions, investigation questions, criticism and self-criticism, implementation of rectification and reform, establishment of rules and regulations, achievements made and problems existing in education practice activities Comprehensively summarize and make arrangements for studying General Secretary Xi Jinping's first batch of summary of the practice of education in the party's mass line and the important speeches at the second deployment meeting and implementing the party's mass line education practice summary of the party's congress deploy.

The deputy steering committee of the fourteenth steering group of the Group Company, Wei Yin-guang, on behalf of steering group, fully affirmed the development of the company's education practice and put forward the following four suggestions: First, to further study Xi Jinping's series of speeches and constantly raise awareness and political literacy Second, take rectification and improvement of the "Four Winds" as the orientation, deepen the rectification and implementation; Third, always adhere to the strict control of the party, and constantly strengthen the leadership and party members and cadres; Fourth, adhere to the long-term grasp of style construction, often Grasp, repeatedly caught, to prevent a rebound.

After the meeting, the Group organized a democratic appraisal of the implementation of the education and practice activities of the leading groups and members of the company. (Correspondent: Zou Yanfei)

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