The company held its 2014 working conference

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2014/01/27 17:15

The morning of January 22, the company held a 2014 working conference. The party and government leaders and all employees of the company attended the meeting in Beijing and Ningbo. Meeting learning conveys the working meeting of the Group Company in 2014 and the spirit of the cadre working conference; President Wang Liang made a work report summarizing the work in 2013, clarifying the work train of thought in the coming period and deploying the tasks in 2014; Secretary Li Jing presided over the meeting meeting.

Wang Liang, president of the company, delivered a working report titled "Changing Ideas, Changing Modes, Steadily Running and Steady Development" to the General Assembly. The report pointed out that in 2013, the Company adhered to the principle of seeking truth and being pragmatic, seeking progress with stability, cohesion, scientific development, proper handling of various challenges, orderly promotion of various tasks, stricter risk control, closer integration of industry and finance, and more market expansion Stable, the party's mass line education practice has achieved remarkable results, the work style of cadres is more pragmatic, the quality and efficiency of development have been steadily improved, and the trust company with PetroChina's unique features has taken initial shape. Companies adhere to the quality, efficiency first, the steady development of capacity improvement; expanding opening up, helping the main industry, combining financial and financial highlights the characteristics; persist in exploration, the courage to open up, business innovation to achieve a breakthrough; internal quality, the image of the tree, a substantial marketing performance Improve the mechanism and strengthen the implementation of the basic norms continue to regulate; strengthen protection, change style, education practice effect is remarkable; the work of the headquarters of the assets of the oil has also made important progress.

The report analyzes the current situation and tasks facing the company, pointing out that the situation both at home and abroad is still complex and that both challenges and opportunities coexist. Companies must promote "two changes", that is, to change their thinking and change modes; and to achieve "two steadynesses", that is, they should operate soundly and develop steadily. The company must carry out the work requirements of "5431": to be "unswervingly determined", that is, unswervingly follow the road of oil-specific development, and unswervingly implement the principle of "low-risk preference and zero-risk tolerance" Business philosophy, unswervingly adhere to the market-oriented, unswervingly enhance their ability to innovate, unswervingly establish a sense of service; enhance the "four capabilities" that help boost the core business, self-management, risk management and product innovation capabilities; To achieve "three advances", that is, to promote the specialization, marketization and specialization; to adhere to the "two appropriateness", that is, "moderate development and moderate utilization"; and to achieve one goal of building a first-class trust company with PetroChina characteristics.

The report pointed out that in 2014, it is necessary to focus on the following work: First, strict risk control, compliance with laws and regulations to ensure sound operation of the Company; second, integration of industry and finance to boost the development of core businesses and service groups; thirdly, market exploration and innovation, Improve the core competitiveness; fourth is to enhance the brand, marketing, service wealth management needs; five is to strengthen the foundation, improve efficiency and enhance corporate governance; six is ​​to implement rectification and reform, strengthen party building, consolidate the achievements of educational practice.

The conference commended the company 2013 advanced collectives and advanced individuals. The personnel department of the Corporation performed the performance evaluation on the leading group of the company.

The meeting called for all employees of the company to adhere to the work guideline of "two changes and two steadynesses" under the correct leadership of the group company, firm belief, solidarity, solid work and proactiveness to build a first-class trust company with PetroChina characteristics Work hard! (Correspondent: Du Jianjun)


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