Ningbo Jiangdong District leadership to the company condolences to employees

Company News
2014/01/07 17:20

On December 31, 2013, Hu Jun, secretary of Jiangdong District Party Committee of Ningbo City, and Sun Liming, mayor of the district party, visited the company to greet employees.

On behalf of the Company, Zhu Jiaping, Vice President of the Company, reported on the overall operation, business performance and highlights of 2013 and expressed his gratitude to Jiangdong District Government for their great support and help in the development of the company. He said Kunlun Trust will, as always, Economic development to make its due contribution.

Secretary Hu Jun pointed out that although the situation of economic development in 2013 was rather harsh, Kunlun Trust kept sound management and achieved sound development. He congratulated the district government on behalf of the district government. At the same time, he said the district government will create better external conditions to support the company to further accelerate the development. (Correspondent: Chen Qi)


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