Company employees participate in the Beijing Marathon

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2013/10/22 17:25

On October 20, the Company's Risk Management Department organized employees in Beijing to attend the 2013 Beijing Marathon.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the race officially started in Tiananmen Square. The participating staff went hand in hand toward common goals. During the game, we encouraged each other and overcome one after another the physical and psychological limits. In the end, Jiang Yujie, Tan Limin in the game within the specified time completed 42.195 kilometers of the entire race.

The event was highly valued by the vice president Zhu Jiaping, who was in charge of the leadership. He encouraged employees to strengthen their physical activity and actively sign up for the competition. The team explained the team concept of "Happy Work and Healthy Living" with concrete actions while stressing the safety of the competition. After the competition, he expressed his determination on the courage and hard work of the participating employees and urged the Risk Management Department to promote the spirit of unity and cooperation in the work, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the Company and doing a good job of service.

After the game, the participating staff said that their participation in the marathon was not only achieved on the medals and certificates, but also on the understanding, courage and perseverance of common goals, mutual trust, mutual assistance and mutual encouragement By force, then it will become! (Correspondent: Zhong Yi)



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