The company organized Chung Yeung Festival mountaineering activities

Company News
2013/10/14 17:29

On October 12, on the eve of the Chung Yeung Festival, the company organized staff activities in Beijing and Ningbo to carry out mountaineering activities.

Autumn season, awe-inspiring. At 3:00 PM, more than 120 employees in Beijing came to Beijing Botanical Garden. More than 30 employees in Ningbo gathered in Pavilion Ridge and started climbing at the same time. Along the way, everyone chases after me, talking and laughing, and some employees stop to admire the beauty around you. Soon, with the steep mountain, everyone worked harder, though sweaty, but no one left behind. After the summit, exposure to autumn beauty, employees enjoy the joy of happiness and physical and mental pleasure.

Down the mountain, the sunset at night, breezy, employee's face filled with pleasant. Everyone said that the mountaineering activity is a good experience of the concept of "Happy Work and Healthy Living". (Correspondent: Du Jianjun)




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