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Kunlun Fortune 135 • Taihe Group Property Trust Promotion Brochure

Kunlun Fortune 135 • Taihe Group Property Trust Promotion Brochure

BasicInformation productnameKunlunFortune135•ThaiWoGroupPropertyTrustProductdeadlineTheestimateddurationofthetrustshallnotbelaterthanSeptember30,2019,andthetrusteemayterminatethetrustprematurelyi
7.2% -7.4%
RMB 200 million yuan
The estimated duration of the trust is not later than September 30, 2019


Basic Information


product name Kunlun Fortune 135 & bull; Thai Wo Group Property Trust
Product deadline The estimated duration of the trust shall not be later than September 30, 2019, and the trustee may terminate the trust prematurely in accordance with this contract. Expected rate of return 7.2%-7.4%/年
Trust distribution of benefits Refers to the expiration date of each Trust Funds and the Trust Termination Date for each Natural Year of December 21 during the life of the Trust Program. The trustee shall calculate the amount of the current trust benefit on the trust day of the trust unit and allocate the current day's trust benefits according to the number of trust units held by the beneficiary within five working days after the trust's interest calculation. The size of the funds RMB 200 million yuan
Custodian bank Bank of Ningbo Siming branch The purpose of the trust plan Zhejiang Zheshang Asset Management Co., Ltd. intends to entrust the beneficiary rights of its trust loan loan to our company to set up "Kunlun Trust-Taihe Group Property Trust", which is managed by our company for the benefit management of trust beneficiaries, Disposal of trust property, including but not limited to periodic collection of principal and interest on the subject matter and so on. The investor's subscription funds used to subscribe for the right to claim the above claims.


Increase credit and guarantee measures


1. Zengcheng Lai Fung Real Estate Co., Ltd. mortgaged all of its real estate real estate for the residential land at the top of Zhangcha Mountain in Tai Po Wai Village, Zeng Jiang Street, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City. 2. Taihe Investment and the actual controller of Taihe Group Huangqi Sen provide the borrower's repayment obligations to provide joint and several liability guarantee.

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